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I confirm that I have read and accept the Terms and Conditions, and I am looking to have my tennis racket strung:
1. Prince Synthetic gut with Duraflex in black - £25
2. Pro’s Pro Red Devil for the mains and the Prince Synthetic gut with Duraflex for the crosses - £25
3. Fitting of Strings I will supply to you - £20
(Please delete the two irrelevant options)

Tension: Mains: x lbs/Kgs     Crosses: y Lbs/Kgs

I also need new grommets fitted - £8.00 (delete if not required)

I also need a new grip fitted - £4.00 (delete if not required)

Other information I wish you to know:

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Grips ‘n’ Grommets

There are numerous gips.  Again, like the grip size, it really is a matter of personal preference, and so I will leave you to choose and supply me with whatever grip you want fitted.

A new set of grommets can greatly improve the look of a scuffed head resulting from ‘digging up’ low balls, and will go a long way to restoring the look of an otherwise still smart new-looking racquet, particularly if grommets’ edges have been chipped off.

As a new grommet set needs to be fitted at the time of re-stringing and as each racquet’s grommet set is unique, to avoid delay when you want a re-string, particularly if you’re a regular string breaker, consider procuring replacements well before the racquet’s next re-string – the same goes for your next grip.  I can advise you about this.

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