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I confirm that I have read and accept the Terms and Conditions, and I am looking to have my tennis racket strung:
1. Prince Synthetic gut with Duraflex in black - £25
2. Pro’s Pro Red Devil for the mains and the Prince Synthetic gut with Duraflex for the crosses - £25
3. Fitting of Strings I will supply to you - £20
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Tension: Mains: x lbs/Kgs     Crosses: y Lbs/Kgs

I also need new grommets fitted - £8.00 (delete if not required)

I also need a new grip fitted - £4.00 (delete if not required)

Other information I wish you to know:

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Terms and Conditions in relation to strings and restringing

In these Terms and Conditions, “Ace Tennis Stringing” refers to the business Ace Tennis Stringing and/or David Meacock or any other stringer I may use to fulfil my obligations if unexpectedly incapacitated or otherwise unavailable.  “Client” refers to the racquet owner or an authorised agent acting on the owner’s behalf, such as a parent/guardian in the case of youngsters under 18.

1. To carry out our contractual obligations with the required due care and diligence, Ace Tennis Stringing will only follow recognised industry procedures and therefore will not be held responsible for any damage that may occur to the client’s racquet in the restringing process.  Clients leave their racquets at their own risk.

2. Ace Tennis Stringing will only perform a full restring.  We do not repair single broken strings and such like.

3. Ace Tennis Stringing will not be responsible for any damage incurred in the restringing process if a racquet is restrung, outside the tension range recommended by the manufacturer of that particular racquet at the Client’s request.  This will be advised to the Client prior to the restring taking place.

4. While prior to any racket being restrung, it will be visually checked for any obvious signs of breakage/cracks, this does not guarantee that there may not nonetheless be structural damage not at that point in time visible to the naked eye, which can occur either from general use, or if the frame has been hit against a hard surface.  While the whole restringing process aims to minimise and even out stresses on the frame, such inevitable stresses can unfortunately nonetheless be, to coin a phrase, “the final straw which breaks the camel’s back.’

5. If a racket is visibly cracked either before any work, or a crack develops at any point during the restringing process, further work will immediately cease and the racquet will be returned in its current state.  Depending on the amount of work carried out up to that point, Ace Tennis Stringing may or may not make a full or partial refund as the stringer adjudicates.   Ace Tennis Stringing will not be deemed to be in any way responsible for any such damage incurred.

6. Clients providing their own strings should carefully check they are supplying the required length(s) of string(s) of adequate quality, as if during the restringing process it transpires that inadequate length has been provided, or the string breaks, the racquet restring may not be able to be completed and no refund will be made.

7. As is standard throughout the industry, there is no warranty with regard to how long strings either the Client or Ace Tennis Stringing supplies will last.  First there is no part of the restringing process which could in any way cause or contribute to early string breakage, and second, all subsequent playing conditions are totally outside of the control of Ace Tennis Stringing.  Thus returns or refund requests will be refused.

8. Your acts of making a booking and advance payment will be deemed to be your acceptance of these conditions in full.

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