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I confirm that I have read and accept the Terms and Conditions, and I am looking to have my tennis racket strung:
1. Prince Synthetic gut with Duraflex in black - £25
2. Pro’s Pro Red Devil for the mains and the Prince Synthetic gut with Duraflex for the crosses - £25
3. Fitting of Strings I will supply to you - £20
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Tension: Mains: x lbs/Kgs     Crosses: y Lbs/Kgs

I also need new grommets fitted - £8.00 (delete if not required)

I also need a new grip fitted - £4.00 (delete if not required)

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What Strings should I have?

In my teens, the local sports shop offered three choices of strings: real gut, synthetic gut and a cheapy as often supplied with ready-strung tennis racquets.  Now there are literally hundreds of strings – the most popular materials being, Synthetic Gut, Polyester and Multifilament. Natural Gut has become even less prevalent now than when I used it in the 80’s, as apart from being very expensive, testing has shown graphite frames to be so much more shock absorbent than wood, so many consider there’s not the same need nowadays to have shock absorbency in the strings with the disadvantage of being unable to play in any sort of wet weather.

So, I am going to simplify this potentially complex and confusing subject for everyone by offering you just 3 options which will fully cover everyone’s needs.  For the first two stringing options, I supply the strings, both gauge 16/1.3mm for £5, and fitted for £25 - making £25 total.  The third fitting only, £20, option is for those wanting different strings:

1. Prince Synthetic gut with Duraflex in black - a very popular string, which will be suitable for beginners to intermediate club players.

2. Pro’s Pro Red Devil for the mains and Prince Synthetic gut with Duraflex in black for the crosses - for those hitting the ball hard with a lot of spin, using a Hybrid Poly/Synth gut set-up can reduce breakage frequency.  However youngsters under 16 and anyone with a history of tennis elbow or other injury should be wary of the added strain potential due to the stiffness of the Poly.  Thus a full bed of Poly strings is generally not recommended – and has been amusingly described as “the equivalent of swinging a brick wall”!!!

3. For a standard size racquet head, you supply 40ft / 12m string (longer lengths may be required for over-size racquet heads) so you only pay for fitting - £20 total.  This allows you to choose your own personal set-up – perhaps recommended by your coach or by one of the numerous on-line suppliers.  For regular string-breakers, the most economical way to buy strings is for you to purchase your own 200m rolls, and you simply supply me with 2 x 20ft / 6m lengths you cut – preferably with wire cutters – coiled and taped to your racquet’s strings.  Before committing to 200m, I would suggest you trial them by buying an individual pack to ensure you really like the string(s).  Please double-check you have supplied the correct length for your racquet, as should you supply inadequate length, the restring may not be able to be completed.

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