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I confirm that I have read and accept the Terms and Conditions, and I am looking to have my tennis racket strung:
1. Prince Synthetic gut with Duraflex in black - £25
2. Pro’s Pro Red Devil for the mains and the Prince Synthetic gut with Duraflex for the crosses - £25
3. Fitting of Strings I will supply to you - £20
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Tension: Mains: x lbs/Kgs     Crosses: y Lbs/Kgs

I also need new grommets fitted - £8.00 (delete if not required)

I also need a new grip fitted - £4.00 (delete if not required)

Other information I wish you to know:

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When should you restring a racquet?

The flippant answer is “Most obviously when you break a string!”

Seriously, one of the greatest challenges we all face is Consistency, and while it’s sometimes said a bad workman blames his tools, equally if tools aren’t properly maintained, the ability to be consistent and achieve your best work, or tennis shots, has immediately been compromised.

Modern tennis racquet strings lose their life and characteristics with age, irrespective of use, and so the traditional suggested frequency of racquet restringing still applies: even if you don’t or rarely break strings, change your strings the number of times you play a week each season: if you play just once a week, annually will suffice, but if you play 3 times a week then 3 times a year (or once every 4 months if you play all year round) would be ideal.

Using ancient, lifeless, or frayed strings or cheap strings such as often supplied with ready-strung new racquets is a false economy.  It’s the equivalent of putting budget tyres on a £150K sports car: instead of speeding round a roundabout and tight corners as if it’s on rails, it’ll be skidding off the road and so you can’t actually benefit from the car’s full performance capabilities – quite apart from reduced braking efficiency.

If you don’t break strings regularly, when did you last change your strings?

Look out for occasional out of main season discounts!

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